About Us

A journey to discover Japan and the world presented by Mr. yuuki and his international colleagues.


An exciting encounter with various kinds of people such as Craftsmen, Artists, and Inventors… From craftsmanship, art, design, beauty, cuisine and music to a way of life and a philosophy that extend beyond national and cultural variations. How the encounter and discovery of these diverse people, their culture, and their values would spark a wonderful chemical reaction, painting vibrant colors on this white canvas. What events would write the chapters of this epic novel?

World Wide Participation

Craft My Way – The Spirit of Fine Craftsmanship – A masterpiece of art from Tokyo presented on a global scale. Please be part of the journey of our discoveries. We would much appreciate your support.


1. Interview Joined by our colleagues from all around the world, we interview craftsmen and artists who possess the spirit of using their own hands to write their life story and create their style of craftsmanship. Traditional craftsmen who inherit ancient traditions and cultures. Young artists who shift from the old and create the new. Creative inventors and craftsmen who travelled from a far away land to come to Japan. Focusing on their way of life, their thoughts and tales on craftsmanship. What would each individual sense and feel through the interviews. 

2. Presenting a work of art on a global scale The earth is our stage. Let us bring the craftsmen and artists to this world stage. Collaborating with the craftsmen and artists and integrating the multiple viewpoints of our international colleagues in an effort to appeal to a diverse, multi-cultural world audience. 

3. Creating new works of artCreating new styles, cultures, and works of art through collaboration with artisans from diverse fields and sharing their unique traits. Exhibiting those works of arts on a global scale. Also, the realization of collaborating with other craftsmen and artists from other countries.

4. Discovering good values from different viewpoints on a global scale   Shedding light on traditions and cultures from various region, generation, and gender specific viewpoints, which many of us take for granted or consider old-fashioned How would a person from India feel when he sees a Bonsai? What would be the most popular Geta (Japanese wooden clogs) design among the French? 

5. Organizing International Exchange Events Setting up events that extend beyond regional, cultural, and generational differences.

 6. Learning Learning from the old traditions and new cultures. Learning from various viewpoints and styles. To create an opportunity to look at positive values such as wisdom, philosophy, beauty, and culture, envisioning a way of life that enriches the soul.

7. Reviving the culture To shine a light on the valuable traditions and cultures that are fading out with each generation. To solve the predicament of the successor.